V-TES lighting the way in switch to LED

The UK Government announced in 2021 that they are following in the direction of the EU with a ban on fluorescent lighting.   The ban will commence in August 2023 and include all T5 and T8 fluorescent tube lamps. 

Businesses are being urged to start planning for this change and source alternative lighting solutions, with an aim to discard old fluorescent lightings and fittings as hazardous waste, or through compliant structured recycling. 

With the ban coming into place in less than 6 months, V-TES and V-TES Renewables are encouraging companies who operate offshore platforms, FPSO’s and maritime vessels to make the switch to LED lighting before their current fluorescent fittings burn out. 

The switch to LED lighting is a more cost-effective option, with LED lights offering a longer lifespan in comparison to alternative bulbs. LED lights do not contain any harmful chemicals or radiate heat, are more energy efficient and will improve your overall carbon footprint. 

With over 10 years offshore electrical experience, V-TES are in prime position to help companies make the switch to a brighter LED future, both onshore and offshore.  From planning to installation, V-TES trained and qualified electrical technicians will ensure your LED lights are installed safely and meet all industry requirements. 

To discuss your options and for further guidance on the switch to LED lighting contact operations@v-tes.com.   

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