Electrical engineering is critical to maintain a safe and reliable offshore environment.

A well maintained electrical infrastructure contributes to uninterrupted operations, optimal productivity and a safe working environment.

Our range of electrical services are streamlined to maximise value for our customers and delivered by a team of fully qualified and cross trained engineers.

HV Jointing & Termination

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V-TES specialise in cable Jointing and Terminations from LV up to and including 66kV on all types of cables.

Whether a straight splice or a motor termination, it’s essential that cable jointers are trained, competent, and familiar with your equipment.

Our fully Nexan qualified engineers have the equipment, certificates, and experience to carry out any job to the highest of standards.

Switch gears on both sides

HV/LV Switchgear

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Switchgear requires regular surveys and maintenance. This would also include the extended protection Systems, Transformers, Battery Systems, and all associated cables.

V-TES has the equipment and knowledge in-house to make sure switchgear and related equipment support can be provided.

On or Off-shore services from Design through to Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, refurbishment and Health Care Contracts.


TDR & OTDR Cable testing & analysing

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V-TES offer (TDR) Time Domain Reflectometers - this is used for accurate cable fault detection and pre-location on HV/LV metallic & fibre optic cabling systems for Oil & Gas, wind farms, Telecommunications and on any cable network in any location. This form of cable testing is executed by transmitting an incident signal on to the cable and listening for the signal reflections.

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Hazardous Areas

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V-TES can supply and install hazardous area electrical equipment which is accredited to worldwide standards (ATEX and IECEx), complete with full certification and a comprehensive level of technical support.

We also offer Ex Inspection and register support. Our knowledge and experience of inspection, maintenance, RFID tagging, and Ex-area declassification will cut your workload and focus your efforts on your most hazardous areas.

Fibre optic cables

Fibre Optics

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V-TES supplies highly trained and qualified Fibre Optic Specialist Engineers to the toughest of projects.

Our Engineers are capable of supporting all aspects of fibre installation: splicing, and testing, including the supply of fibre optic products and fusion splicers. Advanced Fibre Splicing can be incorporated in HV Cabling Jointing projects.

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High Voltage Partial Discharge

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Partial discharges (PD) are localized electrical discharges which only partially bridge the insulation between conductors and which can occur adjacent to a conductor.

PD occurs on high-voltage lines, in windings and other electrical equipment. PD can occur due to faults in windings caused by faulty enamelled wires, air pockets during casting, insulation faults or similar. Testing and analysis can be performed on both rotating equipment and switchboards

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Harmonic Surveys

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Our Engineers can complete full harmonic surveys. This service can measures all the necessary voltage, current and power parameters for a full diagnosis of your electrical installation.

The survey will fully capture and record all of the parameters, transients, alarms and waveforms simultaneously, whilst taking all the power measurements needed to make an energy efficiency diagnosis.

Wires and cables

Electrical Engineering

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All areas of electrical engineering are supported from concept design, project management and install, to commissioning including aftercare maintenance and repairs.

In line with our net-zero carbon strategy, V-TES also offers carbon-reducing solutions, services and products to provide energy in a cleaner, lower cost and safer way.

V-TES is your local service partner with global coverage and always working to look after your interests.


Thermal Imaging Zone 1 & Safe Area

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Thermographic inspection surveys can be used as a tool for the early detection of problems across a wide range of industries and applications.

Regular inspection and analysis of IR data allows remedial actions to be taken before system failure.

Non-intrusive thermal surveys identify electrical faults and hot spots in switchboards and control panels such as overloaded circuits, faulty switchgear, and loose terminations.


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