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Here at V-TES, we are set to remove all traditional paper reporting and make the transition to a tailored digital platform.
The aim is to carry out site surveys, FAT’s, inspections, and client equipment testing, no matter how harsh the environment or global location.
As a result, we have invested in digital engineering devices supplied by ECOM Instruments GmbH. These devices include Zone 1 Tablets, Thermographic Cameras, Lone Working devices, and many more.

V-TES is set to remove all traditional paper reporting and make the transition over to a tailored digital platform with the use of Ecom’s Zone 1 tablets and thermal imaging cameras. The aim was to carry out site surveys, FAT’s, inspections and client equipment testing, along with in-situ reporting, no matter how harsh the environment or global location.

The V-TES digital platforms have been made available to all V-TES staff and client representatives to be able to view daily reports and progress along with catalogued images and test reports – every step of the way from start to completion and on a 24/7 basis for condition monitoring contracts. 

Since deploying the new apparatus over the past year, clients have reported considerable improvements including reduced time to process information, ease of document management and elevated quality of work. V-TES continues to evolve the digital platforms and reporting tools in a bid to maximise the added value to customers. 

Through the inclusion of new devices such as Android tablets and Thermographic cameras Engineers now have the ability to capture multiple actions on-site with ease.

Zone 1 Android tablets:

· Reporting

· Surveys

· Daily updates (BaseCamp3)

· Testing

· Capturing images pre, during and post job

· Access to server & Access to O&M Operation & Maintenance manuals

· Referencing procedures 

Zone 1 Thermal Imaging Cameras:

· Worlds only Zone 1 Thermal Imaging Camera (Capturing detailed images from site – standard digital & thermographic)

· Bluetooth connection to tablets

· Small, compact, robust

As V-TES strives to become the industry leader for electrical engineering solutions, additional devices to assist the Engineers with their day to day tasks are being reviewed for inclusion. From health sensors, personal gas alarms, lone working devices, smartwatches and noise-cancelling headsets through to head-up displays (all with 4G connectivity), V-TES and Ecom now have the tools to deliver unrivalled services to clients across the globe.

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