Rope Access Electrical Support


Our valued client approached V-TES for rope access electrical support on a UKCS offshore field, to support with the install of new cable runs, over a three week period.


An additional scope of work while on the platform
involved dismantling and replacing outdated heat
detectors in the Derrick area, followed by the stripping
and dismantling of old equipment in the central control
room, and subsequent install of a new IT cabinet.


All V-TES field engineers are expertly trained in difficult
rope access techniques, enabling the intricate process of
cable pulling on the platform.

Our engineer was able to use his extensive electrical
training when installing new heat detector units on the
platform, which involved a thorough process of glanding,
terminating and testing.


Electrical Engineering Excellence


Rope access cable installation is by nature a challenging task


The extensive cable runs were long and at times awkward to access via ropes, demanding strategic planning and execution


At times there were as many as nine engineers simultaneously engaged on the cable runs, which presented operational challenges of their own


The scope of work was successfully completed on time and to a high degree of satisfaction. Our electrical field engineer surmounted the technical challenges effectively, enhancing the electrical infrastructure on the platform.

“Excellent attitude to work, understood and followed instructions, and carried out all work in a very good manner”

The successful integration of heat detectors has significantly improved the platforms safety measures during drilling operations, while the replacement of the IT cabinet has bolstered efficiency in the central control room.

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