V-TES was approached by an existing client to perform electrical assessments and certification on multiple generator sets.


The client requested all power generator sets to be assessed, tested and fully maintained. The project required a team of highly skilled Engineers to perform visual inspection and electrical testing, including maintenance and repair. Once complete, our fully qualified Engineers certified the equipment to verify that it is fit for purpose and safe to operate.


The work-scope included insulation resistance (IR) testing of the alternator windings, continuity checks of circuitry and condition inspection of the control panel. Following this, the team continued with automatic voltage regulator (AVR) assessments, emergency stops checks and checking of the heaters, relays, and contactors. Then finally the testing of correct operation of the main circuit breaker using specialised test equipment with laptop and software to verify the generator is protected even under fault conditions.


Electrical Engineering Excellence


Our pre-planning of this project meant that we needed to get the full details of the generators so that correct tooling and test equipment was taken onsite.

Working through a checklist of inspection requirements, each generator is systematically checked. Starting with the alternator by carefully isolating all delicate instrumentation that could be damaged during IR testing. Once tested, all instrumentation is reconnected.

The final piece of testing completed on the generator sets is the main circuit breaker which is a safety-critical piece of equipment to protect personnel and plant equipment in the event of a fault occurring.


Overall the campaign was a success, ensuring that the generators were maintained, and certified as fit for purpose, whilst highlighting any potential issues that could have resulted in future failures.

The benefits included:


Recording of the results provides an early indication of any potential future faults occurring.


Testing of equipment proves that it is fit for purpose & cost-effective annual inspection.


Simplifies the job for the client of having fully certified generators ready to hire.


Reduces the likelihood of future breakdowns.

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